Welcome to Golf for Everyone

The perspective of this blog is through the eyes of the “everyman” golfer. When most golfers search for information about courses, equipment and other golfing topics, their search results are dominated by big resorts, companies and courses. However, most golfers, like my wife and me, are interested in more everyday kinds of golfing experiences and products. We don’t belong to a country club and most of our rounds are played on municipal courses or lower cost semi-private courses. While we want to play on the best courses we can, we also want to play courses and equipment that are comfortable for both our skill level and pocketbook.

Big name courses and resorts also have big PR budgets but virtually no one covers the courses “everyman” golfers typically play. Our mission is to cover those places where most of us spend the bulk of our golfing resources. We will cover big name courses too, but from the perspective of the everyman golfer. This blog helps the common golfer answer questions like, Continue reading