Every”man” ?

Is “Everyman Golf” sexist?

The staff of Everyman golf is definitely not sexist, but the term “Everyman” itself…?

Well… maybe, but only because the english language is frustratingly kind of sexist. Why isn’t it huwoman instead of human. Why is it person instead of perdaughter. Mankind? What about Womankind?…

In fact we use “man” to refer to the species’ most noble endeavors: “One giant leap for mankind”, “Some of Man’s greatest achievements”… (were made by women). Get your head around that convoluted quagmire of syntax, semantics, connotation and entrenched sexism.

Much as “Man’s greatest achievements” assume women are included, “everyman” refers to everyday people regardless of any other trait they may also possess.

From Webster’s:
Everyman |ˈevrēˌman |noun [ in  sing. ] an ordinary or typical human being.

We really tried to make everday people, everyone, and a bunch of other terms work (see a sample below), but the copy either got too cumbersome, or the terms sounded too presumptuous, or they didn’t evoke the common person tone at the heart of our core message.

The fundamental definition of “everyman” is gender inclusive.

“Everyman” refers to all people who enjoy life in its simpler, perhaps purer form. The truest pleasure of golf is pretty simple. Spend hours wondering through fields with your friends occasionally hitting a small round object with a stick just for the fun of it.

So after exhausting the thesaurus, and much debate, we settled on the short term “everyman” and hoped the intended gender neutral connotation encompassing all everday homo sapiens would shine through. We apologize for not being better masters of the English language as well as the fact that the English language makes it so damm hard not to sound sexist even when one is desperately trying to create a completely inclusive resource.

Everyman Golf is dedicated to all people who enjoy the simple pleasures amateur golf has to offer.

Thesaurus: everyman ev-ree-man ]
Main Entry: everyone
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: all
Synonyms: anybody, each one, each person, every one, every person, everybody, everyman, everyone, generality, masses, people, populace, the public, the whole, voters
Antonyms: no one, nobody
Main Entry: John Doe
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: common person
Synonyms: Everyman, Jane Doe, Joe Blow, Joe Doakes, Joe Sixpack, John Q. Public, John Smith, Mr Brown, Mr. Nobody, Richard Roe, average Joe, average person, common man, man in the street, ordinary Joe
Main Entry: lowest common denominator
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: lowbrow person or audience
Synonyms: Joe Blow, everyman, least common denominator
Main Entry: man in the street
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: regular person
Synonyms: John Doe, Mr. Average, average Joe, everyman, ordinary citizen
Main Entry: ragtag and bobtail
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: lowest common denominator
Synonyms: canaille, common ruck, everyman, lowest social class, rabble, ragtag, rank and file, riffraff
Main Entry: Third Estate
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: common man
Synonyms: bourgeoisie, commonality, everyman, everywoman, middle classes, vulgus
Main Entry: Tom, Dick, and Harry
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: common man
Synonyms: Everyman, Everywoman, anybody at all, plain folks, ragtag and bobtail, rank and file…

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