Everyman Courses

To be an Everyman course, a course has to be affordable enough to play once or twice a week. Generally this implies a combined green and cart fee coming in under $65 but rarely ever over $80. The course staff need to be friendly and down to earth (no golf snobs). The facilities must be well kept, clean and functional but can be modest. Lastly, the course has to be fun and playable. In short, an everyman course is a fun, affordable place to play a relaxing round that is enhanced by the folks you are likely to encounter there.

An Everyman Preferred course is an everyman course that also offers something extra. It might be extra fun, or extra nice course conditions, or gorgeous surroundings, or a great staff, or an incredible price, or… All “Everyman Preferred” courses possess some aspect, or aspects, setting them apart from all other everyman courses. Only about 15-20% of all Everyman Courses will earn the “Everyman Preferred” designation.

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